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Pipes and tubes are an important part of our day-to-day lives. Copper is a chemical element, which is used in making highly ductile and malleable products in the piping industry. The products produced from this element possess high thermal and excellent electrical conductivity. A Copper Alloy is placed in the category of red metals. These metals have a distinct tint of a reddish color. These alloys occur naturally and show good resistance against corrosion. In marine conditions, these alloys are prone to selective corrosion. One of the alloys in this grade is the Copper Tellurium, which is also referred to as alloy 45. These alloys can be easily machined and fabricated. They have a melting point of about 1080 degrees C. In the Copper Alloy composition, copper is a major constituent. Apart from this nickel, tin, zinc, sulfur, silicon, aluminum, lead, phosphorous, tin, and antinomy are a few elements that can combine with copper in various systems.

Cu Copper has a standard density of 9.40 g/cm3. It has a minimum tensile strength of 170Mpa and a minimum yield strength of 83Mpa. It can be easily elongated by 12% and used efficiently in various applications. A few of the Copper Products are pipes, tubes, wires, rods, cathodes, cables, etc. These products are very reliable and cost-efficient. They can be easily cleaned and have a long service life. The Copper Price Per Pound in India is between Rs 280 to Rs 350. The price is dependent on the growth of the global economy so, it keeps on fluctuating every day. If you have any queries or want to know more about any of our grades or products, contact us for more information.

Copper Alloy composition and mechanical properties

Copper Specification

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  OFHC Copper material ETP Copper ( IS 1897)
Brazed & welded joint Consistency May lead to inconsistent
Oxygen (.001%) less than 10 ppm of oxygen (.015-.04% oxygen) 150 - 400 ppm oxygen.
Bending test Passes close bending test not applicable
Electrical / thermal conductivity 100% Minimum IACS Conductivity may vary on processing semis.Min 99.99% IACS Conductivity
Thermal cycle behavior Its Better Poor behavior
Suitable in high vacuum devices It is Suitable Unsuitable

Copper Alloy Melting Point

Melting Point of Copper is = 1083ºC.

Copper Tellurium Types

  • Brass
  • Bronze alloys
  • Gunmetals
  • Copper Nickel
  • Nickel silver alloys
  • Beryllium-copper

Cu Copper Chemical Element

BS / EN Available forms EQUIVALENTS BS (OLD)
12452 Rolled and seamless finned tubing -
1057 Seamles tubing round 2871 Pt1
12449 Seamles tubing round 2871 Pt2
12450 Seamless capillary tubing
12451 Seamles tubing round 2871 Pt3
13348 Seamles tubing round -
13349 Pre-insulated tube -
12735 Seamles tubing round Part 1 / 2 -
13600 Seamless copper tubing 1977

Application of Copper

  • Electrical cabling works
  • To increase temperature
  • Water pipes and piping connections
  • Roofing / Cladding and Rainwater system
  • Chemical, Oil and gas pipeline system