Inconel Round Bar

ASTM B166 Hex Bar and Inconel Rod manufacturer in India

Round bars are long cylindrical structures, which have many industrial and commercial applications. The Inconel Round Bar is made with a chemical composition of carbon, manganese, silicon, sulfur, chromium, nickel, copper, and ferrous. This chromium-nickel alloy shows excellent resistance against all forms of corrosion and oxidations. The Inconel Round Stock is manufactured following all ASTM, ASME, and API standards. These stocks possess superior strength and can suffice in extreme temperatures and pressures. Inconel Bar Material is made with excellent mechanical properties and can be machined easily. It possesses a minimum tensile strength of 655Mpa and minimum yield strength of 310 Mpa. The Inconel Flat Bar can be easily elongated by 40% and still possess good workability. These bars are preferred in low-temperature services if not annealed after production. We are the leading Inconel Round Bar manufacturer in India. Our goal is to produce high-quality products, which are available at feasible prices for all.

Inconel Round Bar manufacturer

Inconel Rods are used in sub-zero temperatures and high temperatures up to 2000 degrees F. These rods are available in sizes between 15 NB to 150 NB and lengths up to 3000mm which can be customized on request. We are an Inconel Rod supplier who make use of the latest technology and best raw materials to produce all our products. This is done following all standards set by international and national unions. The Inconel Hex Bar is welded in the interior to produce a hexagonal cross-section. These bars are used in the production of nuts, bolts, fasteners, etc. in a précised shape. They are available in sizes between 2mm to 100mm. Inconel Hollow Bar has walls that are thicker than a normal pipe or a tube. These bars have strength similar to a round bar but are less expensive due to their low weight. We are the Inconel Round Bar suppliers who can customize all your products in different shapes, chemical makes and sizes as per your requirements.

The Inconel Square Bar is known for its excellent creep-rupture properties. These bars are widely used in general purposes and manufacturing in various industrial systems. The Inconel Bar UK possesses a good amount of strength and excellent properties. These bars are shipped from our outlets in India, and the UK, and vice versa. The ASTM B166 Inconel Bar is highly reliable and is widely used throughout the industry. If you have any questions or want to know more about our products, contact us to know more.

Cold Rolled/ Hot Rolled Inconel Flat Bar and Hollow Bar supplier in Mumbai, view our online stock and price in India

Inconel Round Bar Specification

Buy Inconel Bar Material in superior quality surface and tolerance in custom length

Form: Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Bush, Rectangle, Flat, Billet, Ingot, Forging, PSQ Bar, Wire Rod, Wire (Coil Form), Wire-mesh etc.

Size Range: 15NB to 150NB In manufacturing process: Cold drawn/ Extruded

Length: 100 mm To 3000 mm Long & Above

Diameter (Size) : Metric M6 to M48, Inches - 1/4’’ to 2’’

Tolerance : H8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13, K9, K10, K11, K12 or as per clients’ requirements

Finish : Cold Drawn, Shot Blast & Drawn, 240 Grit Belt Polished, Black, Bright Polished, Rough Turned, NO.4 Finish, Matt Finish, BA Finish, High Polished

Condition : Cold Drawnd Polished Cold Drawn Centreless Ground & Polished, Threading

Surface : Hot Rolled Pickled or Sand Blasting Finished, Cold Drawn, Bright, Polished, Hairline

Inconel Round bar
Diameter: 3mm~800mm
Inconel Angle bar
Size: 3mm*20mm*20mm~12mm*100mm*100mm
Inconel Square bar
Size: 4mm*4mm~100mm*100mm
Inconel Flat bar
Thickness: 2mm~100mm
Width: 10mm~500mm
Inconel Hexagonal 
Size: 2mm~100mm

Types of Inconel Hex Bar

CDA/ HRART/ CFA Condition Inconel Square Bar manufacturer in India as per American specification ASTM B166/ SB 166

Inconel Round Bar suppliers

Inconel Round Bar
Inconel Round Bars, Inconel Alloy Round Bar

Inconel Flat Bar suppliers

Inconel Flat Bar
Inconel Flat Bars, Inconel Alloy Flat Bar

Inconel Square Bar suppliers

Inconel Square Bar
Inconel Square Bars, Inconel Alloy Square Bar

Inconel Round Corner Square Bar suppliers

Inconel Round Corner Square Bar
Inconel Round Corner Square Bars, Inconel Alloy Round Corner Square Bar

Inconel PSQ Bar (PUMP SHAFT QUALITY BAR) suppliers

Inconel PSQ Bars (PUMP SHAFT QUALITY BAR), Inconel Alloy PSQ Bar

Inconel Hexagonal Bar / Hexagon Bar suppliers

Inconel Hexagonal Bar / Hexagon Bar
Inconel Hexagon Bars, Inconel Alloy Hexagon Bar

Inconel Flat Block Bar suppliers

Inconel Flat Block Bar
Inconel Flat Block Bars, Inconel Alloy Flat Block Bar

Inconel Rectangular Bar suppliers

Inconel Rectangular Bar
Inconel Rectangular Bars, Inconel Alloy Rectangular Bar

Inconel Hollow Ring Bar suppliers in Mumbai

Inconel Hollow Ring Bar
Inconel Hollow Ring Bars, Inconel Alloy Hollow Ring Bar

Inconel Bright Round Bar suppliers

Inconel Bright Round Bar
Inconel Bright Round Bars, Inconel Alloy Bright Round Bar

Exporter of Inconel Forged Round Bar

Inconel Forged Round Bar
Inconel Forged Round Bars, Inconel Alloy Forged Round Bar

Inconel Cold Drawn Bar suppliers

Inconel Cold Drawn Bar
Inconel Cold Drawn Bars, Inconel Alloy Cold Drawn Bar

Inconel Hollow Bar suppliers

Inconel Hollow Bar
Inconel Hollow Bars, Inconel Alloy Hollow Bar

Inconel Circular Bar suppliers

Inconel Circular Bar
Inconel Circular Bars, Inconel Alloy Circular Bar

Inconel Threaded Bar suppliers

Inconel Threaded Bar
Inconel Threaded Bars, Inconel Alloy Threaded Bar

Inconel Angle Bar suppliers

Inconel Angle Bar
Inconel Angle Bars, Inconel Alloy Angle Bar

Inconel Forged Bar suppliers

Inconel Forged Bar
Inconel Forged Bars, Inconel Alloy Forged Bar

Inconel Triangle Bar suppliers

Inconel Triangle Bar
Inconel Triangle Bars, Inconel Alloy Triangle Bar

Inconel Welding Rod suppliers

Inconel Welding Rod
Inconel Welding Rods, Inconel Alloy Welding Rod

Inconel Threaded Rod suppliers

Inconel Threaded Rod
Inconel Threaded Rods, Inconel Alloy Threaded Rod

Inconel Filler Rod suppliers

Inconel Filler Rod
Inconel Filler Rods, Inconel Alloy Filler Rod

Inconel Rod Latest Price List

  • Hot worked Inconel Round Bars Inconel Annealed and Pickled
    FOB Price: US $1200-9600 / Ton
  • Nickel based alloy Inconel round bar for bolt and nut manufacturer
    FOB Price: US $20-30 / Kilogram
  • Inconel round bar for fasteners manufacturer
    FOB Price: US $20-30 / Kilogram
  • Alloy forging special steel Inconel round bar
    FOB Price: US $800-1500 / Ton
  • ASTM B637 price Inconel round bar
    FOB Price: US $16-25 / Kilogram
  • High quality hot rolled Inconel round bar
    FOB Price: US $20-30 / Kilogram
  • Best Inconel dia.50mm 76mm forged bright surface round bars manufacturer
    FOB Price: US $18-21 / Kilogram
  • Corrosion resistance Nickel Inconel Alloy HX round bar
    FOB Price: US $1-30 / Kilogram
  • Best quality Inconel 738 LC round bar manufacturer in China
    FOB Price: US $8-25 / Kilogram
  • Inconel 690 High temperature resistance alloy steel round bar
    FOB Price: US $27.77-37.77 / Kilogram
  • Cold drawn Standard Inconel round bar
    FOB Price: US $100-3000 / Ton
  • Incoloy 800/800H/800HT NO8800 1.4876 Inconel round bar
    1 Kilogram (Min. Order)
  • Inconel Nickel alloy round bar
    FOB Price: US $300.0-800.0 / Ton
  • SS316,2205,2507,904L,Inconel Hastelloy C276 round bar h9 tolerance
    1 Case (Min. Order)
  • Inconel ALLOY 718 round bar manufacturer
    10 Kilograms (Min. Order)
  • Round Bar Inconel MA758 Polished Bar Manufacturer
    FOB Price: US $1000-3000 / Ton
  • Inconel 600 Forged Forging Round Bars (UNS N06600 2.4816 Alloy 600)
    FOB Price: US $25-35 / Kilogram
  • Inconel round bars
    FOB Price: US $1100-3000 / Ton
  • Inconel annealing alloy steel round bars
    FOB Price: US $1-1000 / Ton
  • Inconel nickel alloy round bar
    FOB Price: US $20000-30000 / Metric Ton
  • Best quality cold drawn Inconel uns no7718 2.4668 round bars in stock
    FOB Price: US $1.2-10 / Kilogram

Inconel Flat Bar Capabilities

Check Inconel Hex Bar stock material sizes, weight and dimensions

Inconel Forged Round Bars Capabilities: The maximum length for Inconel forged round bars and Inconel hex bars is 420 inches, in the ASTM B637 Inconel Bars with a maximum weight of 20,000 pounds, 220 inches.

Inconel Flat Bars Capabilities: The maximum length for Inconel flat bars is 220 inches in the ASTM B637 Inconel Bars with a maximum weight of 15,000 pounds.

Inconel Square Bars Capabilities: The maximum length for Inconel square bars is 220 inches in the ASTM B637 Inconel Bars with a maximum weight of 15,000 pounds

Standard: ASTM A276, A484, A479, A580, A582, JIS G4303, JIS G4311, DIN 1654-5,DIN 17440,GB/T 1220

Inconel Round Bar composition and properties

Chemical Composition

Alloy 600 Ni + Co Cr Fe C Mn S Si Cu
72.0 min 14.0-17.0 6.0-10.0 .15 max 1.00 max .015 max .50 max .50 max
Alloy 601 Ni Cr Al C Mn Si Fe  
61.5 22.5 1.4 0.05 0.3 0.2 14  
Alloy 625 Cr Ni Mo Co + Nb Ta Al Ti C
20.00-30.00 Remainder 8.0-10.0 1.0 max 3.15-4.15 .40 max .40 max .10 max
Fe Mn Si P S
5.0 max .50 max .50 max .015 max .015 max      

Inconel Alloy Round Bar/ Rod Physical, Mechanical Properties

  Inconel 600 Inconel 601 Inconel 625 Inconel
Density 8.4 g/cm³ 8.1g/cm³ 8.4 g/cm³ 8.2 g/cm³
Melting Range,℃ 1370-1425 ℃ 1320-1370℃ 1290-1350℃ 1260-1340 ℃
Elongation % 30min. 30 min. 30 min. 30 min.
Tensile strength – Mpa 550min. 650min. 760min. 965min
Yield strength – Mpa 240min. 300min. 345min. 550 min.
Brinell hardness (HB) ≤195 ≤220 ≤220 ≤363

Inconel Round Bar Ready Stock

  • Inconel shaped bar
  • Inconel Cold Rolled Bright Bars
  • Inconel Roll Bar
  • Inconel Hexangular Bars
  • Inconel Hexangular Rods
  • Inconel Peeled & Polished Bar
  • Inconel Bright flat bars
  • Inconel Bright round bars
  • Inconel Tee bars
  • Inconel Hex Bar
  • Inconel round bar manufacturers
  • Inconel Annealed Bar
  • Inconel Forged round bar suppliers
  • Inconel rectangular flat bar
  • Inconel Black Bar
  • Inconel Bright Bar


  • Inconel Turned Machining Bar
  • Inconel Forged round bar manufacturer
  • Inconel Hot rolled round bar
  • Inconel Ingot/billet
  • Inconel annealed round bar
  • Inconel Turned and bored bar
  • Inconel billets / blooms
  • Inconel Polish Bar
  • Inconel Machined forged flat bars
  • Inconel Corner Square Bar
  • Inconel Rough Turned Rounds
  • Inconel Cold Finish Bar