Mild Steel Pipe

Mild Steel Seamless Pipe and SS400 MS Tubes supplier in India

Mild steel is a low-carbon alloy that consists of 0.05-0.30% carbon. A Mild Steel Pipe is highly resistant against high-stress corrosion cracking, fatigue, and erosion. They are available in sizes ranging between 15mm NB to 150mm NB and lengths up to 7 meters. In the Mild Steel Tubes, lower thermal expansion and higher heat conductivity can be achieved. They possess excellent malleability and ductility. These tubes are available in sizes ranging from 193.7mm OD and 508mm OD. The Large Diameter Mild Steel Pipe is dimensionally accurate. These pipes possess excellent workability and weldability in many systems. They are available in sizes between 16 inches to 20 inches. We are the leading Mild Steel Pipe Supplier in India. We aim to supply high-quality products at the most reasonable rates for all.

Mild Steel Pipe

View XS Extra Strong, XXS, STD Galvanized Mild Steel Pipe od chart in mm, weight and specifications as per ASME B36.10M

Mild Steel Seamless Pipe is made without welds or joints. These pipes are extremely strong and possess an excellent finish. They also possess good thermal and chemical resistance. The Seamless Mild Steel Tube has an outer diameter that ranges in sizes between 30mm to 150mm. They have a wall range between 2.5mm to 25mm. The Mild Steel Erw Pipes are formed after the cold-rolling process. These pipes possess high energy absorption and are very durable. They are black in color and available in various shapes. The Schedule 40 Mild Steel Pipe has thinner walls and is widely suited in applications of low-pressure systems. These pipes possess a smooth interior and are easy to clean and maintain. Most pipes and tubes are available in different shapes. The Mild Steel Round Tube is the preferred shape. These tubes show excellent resistance against pitting, crevice corrosion, and abrasion. They are widely used in chemical industries pharmaceutical equipment, instrumentation firewater systems, etc. The Mild Steel Square Pipe can easily fit in areas that are difficult for standard pipes to fit. These pipes are annealed after the welding procedure so that sensitization and corrosion resistance properties are restored. Mild Steel Rectangular Tube is a strong pipe that is leakproof. These pipes have high energy absorption and are very durable. We are the leading MildSteel Tubes suppliers who make use of the best raw materials and cutting-edge technology to produce all our products. 

The Mild Steel Water Pipe is highly ductile and flexible in nature. This gives it excellent protection against corrosion and allows it to be used widely in the water supplying industry. The Galvanized Mild Steel Pipe is coated with a layer of zinc. This zinc gives these pipes enhanced resistance against corrosion and abrasion. Our experienced workers can help customize the Galvanized Mild Steel Tubes for along will our other products as per your requirements in different chemical requirements and sizes. If you have any questions or want to know more about our Mild Steel Pipe, contact us for more information.

We are a specialist distributor & supplier of Mild Steel Pipe and MS Tubes in wide size range including 150mm, 10mm, 38mm, 25 mm or 60 mm

Mild Steel Pipe Specification

Stockist of Schedule 40 MS Water Pipe and Mild Steel Erw Pipes according to Military Specifications (MIL Specs), IS 10577/ BS 1387/1985 specification

Mild Steel (M. S.) & G. I.
Size: 15 NB to 150 NB
Sch. & Swg.: 'A' Class,'B' Class,'C' Class
Specification: IS 1239

Size (in mm): 200 NB to 500 NB
Sch. & Swg.: 4.85 mm to 12.7 mm Thk.
Specification: IS 3589 (Fe 330, Fe 410)

Grades: IS 1239, IS 3589 (Fe 330, Fe 410)
Length: Standard, double & in cut length also. 
Test Certificate: 
Manufacturer Test Certificate
Laboratory Test Certificate from Govt. Approved Lab.
Under Third Party Inspection.
Square tube, rectangle tube & odd size

Different variations Mild Steel Round Tube

Supplier of MS Square Pipe and Mild Steel Rectangular Tube accordance to European/ American/ German specification

Mild carbon steel: 0.05-0.15
Low carbon steel: 0.16-0.29
Medium carbon steel: 0.30-0.59
High carbon steel: 0.60-0.99
Ultra-high carbon steel: 1.00-2.00