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Materials with a mixture of 2 or more elements are used in piping systems. Monel is made with a chemical composition of nickel, copper along with a small percentage of manganese, iron, and a few other elements. This grade is very strong and has excellent resistance against corrosion. A   Monel Alloy is stronger than steel and has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. These alloys are very malleable and don’t easily deform or dissociate in extreme pressures and temperatures. The Monel Metal is very versatile and widely used in marine systems, chemical processing, fittings, valves, heat exchangers, aerospace, oil and gas refining, and many more. We are the leading Monel suppliers in the country. We thrive to supply the best products throughout all our outlets at reasonable prices for all.

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Monel Steel can be easily drawn and machined. This steel can be drawn in different shapes and sizes to meet various applications. The products from this steel are very reliable and can suffice for long periods. The best Monel Welding process is by gas tungsten arc welding process. This process enables the arc to be welded precisely without the build-up of heat within the metal. Monel Stainless Steel is resistant to all alkalis. These metals can be coated with a protecting layer to give them superior resistance in stress-induced environments. All these products can be customized as per your requirements in different chemical make-up, shapes, and sizes.

The Monel Metal Prices can change every second of a day. This is due to the environment of society and the market as a whole. Apart from this, the additions of a few other materials make products of this grade expensive. The Monel Price per Kg is around the range of Rs 2000. It is, however, dependant on the supply and demand of the market. Our experienced workers produce the best products making use of the latest technology and the best Monel Material. If you have any queries about our products or their pricing, contact us for more information.

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